BYS Mamaroneck Students Honored by Rotary Club

On November 7th Mamaroneck High School volunteers Emily Holzberg, Paulina Paras, and Sydney Farrell were honored by their local Rotary Club in recognition of their exemplary efforts on behalf of the Mamaroneck High School Backyard Sports Club.  The students founded the club in 2011 with the idea of expanding  their volunteer work with special need children beyond their involvement in the Sunday morning BYS Plus sports programs.  In less than three years they have mobilized  dozens of students Read more [...]

Race To Nowhere: Youth Sports

Many of you are familiar with the movie, Race to Nowhere, which details both the psychological and physical toll on our children with a hyper amped approach towards their their education and learning.  John Sullivan addresses these same themes in respect to their recreational activities in a piece entitled, "The Race To Nowhere in Youth Sports."  I highly recommend reading this article as he pulls no punches in identifying the root causes and the pressures which we as parents frequently succumb.  Read more [...]