Sweetie, did you have fun out there today?

In a recent BYS Timeout Post, I counseled a parent who was unsure how to guide his child through the team sports journey and it got me to thinking about my own experience. For the past 12+ years while my daughter, Sydney, was in school, she would come home and every day I would ask, "Hey sweetie, how was school today?" She would respond, "It was fine." We just chewed the fat in a meandering sort of way  -- I never forced the school conversations because I trusted what was going on; I didn't Read more [...]

Be the rudder, not the wind

Backyard Sports Timeout – Where our coaches field parents’ questions about Team Sports and offer ways to make it the Fun, Enriching Experience it’s supposed to be Q: What does my child really need from me as a parent to better guide her as a team sports player? A: The job of the parent is to guide their children toward long-term development and to help them make decisions. We do this academically and socially, but when it comes to sports, we don’t think about these things long-term. Read more [...]