Founded in 2005, Backyard Sports is a unique, community team sports program based in Westchester County, New York. Our programs, for boys and girls in Pre K through high school, focus on developing and sharpening athletic skills and winning strategies.

Youth sport programs exist in a much more competitive world today than a generation ago. Current programs resemble a professional model where results, records and instant success rule the sports landscape.

Knowing how to be correctly competitive is not something we’re born with. Appropriate competitiveness and winning attitudes often need to be cultivated and encouraged. But, if done properly, within the right time frame and in a positive environment, competitive training can help our youngsters grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

That is why we created Backyard Sports. We believe that any child, given the right coaching and support, can acquire the competitive edge and winning skills that will serve them in sports, academics, and beyond the playing field.

BYS Summer

Homefield Advantage

  • For boys and girls ages 5-12
  • Small groups 4-8 campers
  • Morning and afternoon schedules:  2 hours per day / 5 days per week
  • Starts this Summer
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bys homefield advantage - sport programs at your home!

One of our Athlete's participating in our Summer Homefield Advantage Sports program.



BYS is looking for young athletes and student leaders to volunteer as peer mentors for our programs.

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