Community Outreach

Backyard Sports believes passionately in the power of team sports to positively impact our players and the surrounding community. We see our programs as a platform to bridge neighborhoods and participants from various demographics and cultures. As such, no player or family is turned away from our activities due to financial circumstances.

Many families in our community lack the ability to transport their children to our afterschool and weekend programs. To reach these underserved participants, Backyard Sports has partnered with various schools and community centers to arrange for transportation to our facility or offer on site events.


Since 2007 our programs have impacted the lives of thousands of children in our area.

To meet the growing needs of our community we facilitate Backyard Sports Cares, Inc. a not for profit corporation committed to the improvement of children's lives through participation in sports. Backyard Sports Cares will provide programming and resources for those in need.

Backyard Sports Cares is looking for young athletes and student leaders to volunteer as peer mentors in our existing programs. We are also looking for community members who can assist us with ideas for new initiatives.

Visit Backyard Sports Cares

If you have any questions about volunteering or would like to contribute to our programs, please call Danny Bernstein at 914-304-4052 or email Coach Danny.